Shang Lin

Liberate The Everyday


Liberate The Everyday

Art Direction, Visual Designer,
and Printer

Liberate The Everyday is a concept of living each day apart from stagnant routines. The show was inspired by pop-up shops often utilized by street wear brands such as Undefeated or The Hundreds. The idea of allowing visitors to buy and wear the art made the space more dynamic, allowing the art to travel beyond gallery walls on the backs of the patrons. Visitors of the show had the option of buying the posters as well.

The imagery used in the show is rooted in biblical stories of instances where the status quo was broken. They each have a story behind them but the graphic is not meant to explicitly reference the story. Like the pop-up shop concept it is meant to be a subtle dispersion of idea and image.

Each poster has three layers. The first layer is a color block that varied from poster to poster. The second layer is a transparent base printed on an opaque plastic sheet. The transparent base filled in the textured plastic sheet which made the sheet transparent wherever the base was applied. The third layer, the graphic, was printed on the reverse side of the plastic sheet. The plastic layer was then hung in front of the color block.