Shang Lin

Flight Miles


Flight Miles

Art Direction and UI/UX Designer
Developed by UXM Studio


Flight Miles is an iOS app that calculates mileage runs based on airline, status, class, and ticket price. Each airline has their own set of rules and regulations on calculating frequent flyer miles . Flight Miles takes each set of rules and regulations into consideration and calculates the user's miles without the burden of remembering each airlines cumbersome manuals.

The layered look of the status, ticket price, and route input is a representation of multiple stacked physical tickets. The layers collapse on top of each other to create more screen space when the user is viewing the leg breakdowns. The colors were specifically chosen to create the same feel of holding a ticket, with white as a primary background and hints of green for accent. The perforations and rounded corners mimic are reminiscent of printed airline tickets. A courtesy mode was also designed to emit less screen pollution in darker environments.

I used Sketch to design the wireframes and mockups.


Dynamic Route Input

App recognizes airport abbreviations and city,
generating suggestions based on keyboard input.


Route Breakdown

As you input your chosen route, the app generates totals broken down by individual legs of your trip. This allows you to easily view and compare the cost and reward miles from each leg.


Courtesy Mode

The app has an alternate color scheme that is meant
to be used in  low light environments.