Shang Lin

Construct A Lead


Construct-A- Lead

Art Direction and UI/UX Designer
Developed by UXM Studio

Construct-A-Lead is an online commercial construction project lead generator. The company approached UXM Studio to revamp its website. The website needed an aesthetic refresh and a  complete UI/UX overhaul. I created a new visual system including a new brand that still referenced the old material (This meant all custom illustrations and custom icons to create a cohesive identity). Along with a new visual system, I created wireframes laying out the website into three distinct parts, a product marketing site, the product, and an admin portal. The old website was mixed into one website that was constantly undergoing an identity-crisis.

The marketing site's goal was to concisely advertise what Construct-A-Lead does and how it is a must-have tool for all contractors. The product itself needed to be easy to use; commercial construction projects must be easily searchable and bookmarked with all pertinent information at the click of a mouse. The interface also needed updates from the Windows '98 gel button look that pervaded the old website. The admin portal required Construct-A-Lead the ability to upload thousands of projects simultaneously while editing minute project details. It needed to be simple and dynamic at the same time.

To remedy the complexity while maintaining a friendly user experience, I created a sidebar that split the functions into modules. Each module maintained a similar structure with a universal search bar that provided a familiar and accessible starting point for each module. I placed filters were placed in each module to facilitate the search process of projects and contacts.

The end product made Construct-A-Lead competitive. Its new look and improved UI was the first step in its new marketing campaign to gain new users.

Just make it more Hanky.
— Construct A Lead on Logo Design

Custom Illustrations

Clean and playful assets were created to communicate professionalism and accessibility.

Custom Icon Font

A custom icon font was created for Construct A Lead to help users understand different functions. The icon font also helped with scaling and speed of the platform.